Project Title: Dar Palco à Diferença – Incubadora de Companhias de Teatro Playback

Fund/reference: The project is promoted by APPsyCI/Ispa, which stems from an application to the Active Citizens Program, funded by the EEA Grants Foundation, supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Bissaya Barreto Foundation are the managing entities of the program.

Principal Investigator: António Gonzalez

A descriptive paragraph of the project:

In schools in the metropolitan area of Lisbon there are different types of discrimination (e.g.: based on racial/ethnic origin, religion, gender expression, sexual orientation) that has its expression in phenomena such as bullying. Thus, in these schools it is a priority to create platforms and meeting places for young people that promote intercultural dialogue, sharing and listening (precisely what is different), in order to increase empathy, valuing human diversity, combating and preventing the violation of Human Rights (HR). Many NGOs work to raise awareness of HD among young people, usually specialising in specific vulnerable themes and populations, but lack new tools to raise awareness among young people in the school context.

It is intended to use the Playback Theater (TP) to, through the realization of performances aimed at young people who study in schools where there is discrimination/violation of HD, sensitize and value human diversity, promoting tolerance and acceptance of what is different, producing social change through the prevention and combat of the violation of HD. To this end, TP companies will be incubated, in NGOs that promote HD, training young people as TP actors/actresses and to carry out awareness campaigns for HD in Schools.

TP is a type of improvisational theater, where audience members are asked to tell personal stories in the first person, which are then performed artistically on stage (among other effects increases the connection and empathy of the audience).

Project Title: Rede Pares

Fund/reference: EEAGrants, IGC

Coordination and Principal Researcher: José Ornelas and Maria João Vargas-Moniz

A descriptive paragraph of the project:

The Rede Pares aims to empower and facilitate the civic participation of women through the creation of Peer Networks – an innovative tool for the intervention and prevention of Gender-Based Violence.

Peer groups bring together women survivors of violence who want to make their views more visible on how to design and implement best practices, policies and services – supporting them to become self-representatives and to be able, through their experiences, to transform the political and social system and eradicate violence against women.

Survivors’ network: Survivors participated in training and awareness-raising actions among young people and professionals from various institutions, helping to change beliefs and values associated with violence.

Youth network: Primary prevention programs for violence against women and domestic violence should act as early as possible and in two aspects: at the level of the empowerment of girls and women and, on the other hand, in the deconstruction of stereotypes of toxic masculinities among boys and men.

Title: Projecto GABIP – InvestigAção para o Acesso à Saúde e Educação (2020-21)

Researcher: Maria Emília Marques

Fund: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Title: Gabinete de Psicologia Clínica Transcultural (2018-21)

Researcher: Maria Emília Marques

Fund: FAMI – Fundo para o Asilo, Migração e Integração (PT/2018/FAMI/340)

Title: Estudo/caracterização da população migrante residente no Concelho de Odivelas

Researcher: Maria Emília Marques

Fund: Câmara Municipal de Odivelas (583/2018/DJGFP/DFA)

Title: Homelessness as Unfairness – HOME_EU nr. 726997(2016-2019)

Researcher: José Ornelas (Coordination)

Fund: H2020, Call H2020-SC6-REV-INEQUAL-2016

Homelessness as unfairness | HOME_EU | Project | Fact sheet | H2020 | CORDIS | European Commission (

Title: Intervenção Comunitária para o Sucesso Escolar

Researcher: José Ornelas

Fund: Câmara Municipal de Lagoa (2016-18)

Title: Líderes Associativos: Uma de Investigação-Acão Participativa

Researcher: José Ornelas

Fund: Confederação Portuguesa das Coletividades de Cultura, Recreio e Desporto (2010-12)

Title: EUROPE ENGAGE – Developing a culture of civic engagement through service-learning within higher education in Europe. (2014-17)

Researcher: José Ornelas

Fund: Program Erasmus 2014-1-ES01-KA203-004798

Title: Housing First Model in Norway (2014-16)

Researcher: José Ornelas

Fund: Baerum Kommune

Title: Housing First Europe VP/2010/007/0860

Researcher: José Ornelas (coordinate Danish National Board of Social Services)

Fund: European Union Programme for Employment andSocial Solidarity – PROGRESS (2011-2013)

Title: Promoção das capacidades e aintegração de pessoas com Doença Mental: O papel de uma Organização de Base Comunitária

Researcher: José Ornelas

Fund: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia PTDC/PSI-PCL/113301/2009

Title: Psychosocial Support for Beneficiaries of ARVoRE VI (2018)

Researcher: Maria Emilia Marques

Fund: Programa AVRR de International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Title: Serviço de atendimento psicológico transcultural e de mediação institucional. 1A1-0041

Researcher: Maria Emília Marques

Fund: Fundo Europeu para aIntegração de Nacionais de Países Terceiros (FEINPT) & ISPA

Title: Do employers discriminate against trade union members? An experimental study of Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom RDF40091 J RICH (2013-15)

Researcher: Francisco Cesário

Fund: Research Development Fund of Portsmouth Business School’s Department of Economics and Finance

Title: Promoção da Atividade Física em Idosos nos Cuidados de Saúde Primários

Researcher: Cláudia Carvalho

Fund: FCT PCDT/SAU-SAP/110799/2009

Title: Projeto de investigação-acção (avaliação-intervenção-avaliação) no futebol (2009-10)

Researcher: Pedro Almeida

Fund: Angelini Farmacêutica, Lda

Title: Community Coalitions: Effectiveness and Outcomes

Researcher: José Ornelas

Fund: FCT IME/PSI/81902/2006

Title: A qualidade dos cuidados prestados às crianças de mães toxicodependentes em programa de metadona

Researcher: António Pires

Fund: FCT POCTI/PSI/49463/2002

Title: Cognição e Contexto no Pensamento Contrafactual

Researcher: Ana Cristina Quelhas

Fund: FCT POCTI/PSI/42215/01

Title: Cognição e contexto no pensamento Contrafatual

Researcher: Ana Cristina Quelhas

Fund: FCT PRAXIS/C/PSI/13057/98